Grab Your Bags!


your pets love clean water, too!

Pet waste is a major contributor to water quality pollution in Warwick's waters. When pet waste is left behind in our beach or parks, or on our streets and yards, it washes downhill after it rains and can pollute both fresh and salt water. Pet waste carries bacteria that can cause illness, so it is major cause of summertime beach closures. It also contains nutrients that can lead to algae blooms, another cause of summertime beach closures.

Want to help? Make sure to bring your bags when you take your dog for a walk, and clean pet waste from your own yard on a regular basis and dispose of it in the trash. It's a great way to recycle your newspaper and shopping bags! Want to go further? You can flush your pet's waste instead of throwing it out! Just make sure your system is large enough if your home is on a septic system.

One more important note for pet owners-be sure to keep your pup out of the water if you notice a green, scummy algae growth. This could be a cyanobacteria bloom, which is dangerous for dogs to swim in. If you think you've noticed a bloom, you can report it to RIDEM by calling 401-222-4700. Learn to recognize the signs of cyanobacteria by reviewing this RIDEM factsheet before you bring your furry friend for their next swim!